The year of 2016 was a crappy one, no doubt about that. Too many odd things, to say it in a reasonable, fashionable way, managed to headline the news worldwide. From Trump’s success in the elections for the 45th president of the United States of America to the atrocious conflict in Syria and the death of a lot of beloved celebrities, sad, troubling or even tragic events kept going and going throughout the year. Let’s try to sweeten a bit the taste of this obnoxious 2016 with a few top notch graphic designs depicting some phrases that might just describe how 2016 went for all of us.

Glad it’s over

There’s not a better catchphrase describing the year 2016 better than this one. Way too much bullshit. A bored to death, grumpy looking cat is saying “NO” to everybody who even hardly believes 2016 was a decent year. The cat seems to think “Fuck you 2016” but doesn’t care enough to say it.

cat said no graphic design gifDesign created by Nikita Melnikov

2016 sucked, fuck itDesign created by Joan Sterjo

Trump for the win?!

“Make America great again!”, “Build a wall” and “Grab her by the p**y” are words coming out of Donald’s Trump mouth. The biggest mouth the United States has ever seen on its own presidential faces. Beloved or hated, racist or just exotic, the multi-millionaire and extremely controversial Donald Trump is the 45th president whether we all like it or not.

donald trump ballDesign created by Tony Babel

donald trump drawingDesign created by Roy Smith


On June the 23rd 2016, a referendum was held in the Great Britain, for people to decide whether the UK should remain or leave the European Union. “To leave” was voted by 52% of the participating people. Shocking or not, the people have spoken. They have decided for Britain to drop the yellow stars on a blue background flag.

brexit english manDesign created by Ludwig Fiuza

european union flag after brexitDesign created by Peter Michael Perceval III

R.I.P. Celebrities

Every year famous, beloved people pass away due to various causes. 2016 was not an exception. In fact, for many people, 2016 brought tears to their eyes by taking away dear personalities. Tributes to: George Michael, Carrie Fisher (the lovely Princess Leia), Muhammad Ali, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Gene Wilder and many others. We all loved you, rest in peace!

princess leia drawingDesign created by ttya

george michael drawingDesign created by Vini Santos

leonard cohen funny drawingDesign created by Anna Hurley

prince tribute iconDesign created by Gert van Duinen

Hell breaking loose in Syria

One of the most tragic events within 2016 is the ongoing war in Syria. Started as a civil war between the president Bashar al-Assad and a large group of rebel forces, it turned Syria into proxy battlegrounds for global powers including the United States, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The cost was paid by the civilians in blood and terror. A massive refugee wave trying to escape from the torn apart country through any kind of means was created. Has the world gone mad? Why can’t we just trade guns for flowers or baby milk bottles?

kids with milk bottles gunsDesign created by IIsixo_O

kids defending with a pencilDesign created by Matt Chase