What would life be without little treats and tricks that help us feel better and wash away our concerns? We would be unhappy, unfulfilled and even depressed. Either we talk about men or women, they all like to break out of their routine and make something pleasant for themselves. However, as you will discover below, men and women see things from different perspectives, and while men are more practical, women tend to be more romantic. In both cases, the result of doing something enjoyable is the same: the achievement of a cheerful mood. So, let’s see which are the things we usually like to do for ourselves, things illustrated by awesome graphic designs and photographs. As always, ladies first.

What women enjoy

Although women are considered more complex than men when it comes to things pleasing them, they rather prefer simplicity. Sensitive and charming by nature, women won’t say no to a glass of red wine, a romantic dinner, or a relaxing massage. At the same time, they love receiving flowers or go out with their friends. So, as a short conclusion, what women really adore is to be pampered and loved on every occasion.

A nice glass of wine

wine poured in a glassIcon designed by Eddie Lobanovskiy

mariposa wine bottles packaging designsPackage design created by M&A Creative Agency

shop for red wine Design created by Levani Ambokadze

Some sweets, maybe

ice cream factory animationDesign created by Pixies

forest caramel berryDesign crafted by Darina Darvin

chewing gum balls packageDesigned by Luke Bott

A spa session

candles, towels and relaxation animationDesign created by Valentin Kirilov

come, relax and feel website designCreated by creanet

Cuddly things

yumi cute small kitten logoLogo design created by Alexa Erkaeva

little sugar fairy cute logoDesign created by kresh

sociedade protectora dos animais domesticLogo created by cpuentes23

A romantic dinner

a couple having dinner and a good timeIllustration designed by JONES&CO

fish dinner plateDesign created by Berin Catic


blue and purple flower photographPhotography by Viera Babecova

Design created by Dann Petty

A night out

groovy girls dancing in the discoDesign created by Andreas Bjørn Hansen

night club illustrationIllustration created by Tatiana Gulyaeva

What men like

Switching genders, men seem to be less sensitive and less focused on details, but these statements are not 100% accurate. Still, when it comes to doing things they like, notice that most of men’s hobbies and pleasant activities have some roots entangled in human primal needs. In consequence, they like drinking beer, eat a juicy burger, and feel the excitement of fishing or going on a hunting trip. Also, they will always find time to watch or play their favorite sport with their friends, or go to the gym to pump up their muscles. In the end, men just like to feel… manly.


beer six pack gif
Animation designed by Seth Eckert

gospoda skolnica beer packaging designPackage design created by BLC Studio

Burgers and Bacon

super burgers restaurant drawing logoLogo crafted by 2stolz

crazy for bacon illustrationIllustration created by Sean Fournier


gti rs volkswagen landing pageDesign created by Jared Granger

toyota virtual reality product pageDesign created by Andy Edwards


bryce harper illustrationIllustration created by Colin Gauntlett

football freebie app shot for netguruDesign created by Maciej Kotula

Body building

gladiator body building logoDesign created by AndreasZaugg

gym town logoDesign created by ancitis

Fishing and hunting

cowanesque valley anglers club fishing logoLogo crafted by LuBeraDesign

Illustration created by Muti

huntourage logo designDesign created by Peter Vasvari

More beer

cerveceria sagrada package designDesign created by Jose Guizar

Hope you enjoyed the designs and spent a nice and relaxing couple of minutes scrolling.